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 [Read]This For your Own Safety.

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Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet

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[Read]This For your Own Safety. Empty
PostSubject: [Read]This For your Own Safety.   [Read]This For your Own Safety. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 27, 2010 1:11 pm

Hello Everyone Read This For your Own Safety Please Thanks.


ImNotHere: hey sassygirl123 why do you have 6000 yellow Party hats? (NOTEIT DOES NOT JUST GOTTA BE P HATS IT CAN BE ANY UN GODLY AMOUNT OF AN ITEM)

Sassygirl123: yeah I got them from lolfightslol he was very nice.

ImNotHere: you realize by you having these party hats means you're in trouble right.

Sassygirl123: Oh my goodness I did not know that was against the rules to have 6k party hats (YOU JUST KNOW SHES A BLOND )

ImNotHere: Well okay but I am going to take them. but this is a warning.

Sassygirl123: Oh okay thank you soooo much it means the world (mwahaha i am going to continue to cheat mwahaha I'll never get caught)

Okay soooooo couple days past I see her in a....yep you guessed it yellow party hat so i go check her bank to see whats up.


ImNotHere: Hey Sassygirl123 I look at you're bank it looks like Bill Gates Swiss bank account mind to explain?

Sassygirl123: OHH that yeah well I went to a Drop party over the weekend that nice guy lolfightslol quit so i participated in it.

ImNotHere: Oh well remember what I told you about having these kinds of items and having this amount of them

Sassygrl123: Yeah but he didnt trade them to me i got them from a drop party technology there not mine. =P

ImNotHere: on the contrarry what ever items that are in your invo or bank belong to you and no one else your RESPONSIBILITY

Sassygrl123: Oh well oh

ImNotHere: So now...its time to face the music you will be deemed in jail till next year to the DOT you will be perm muted, perm trade lock and again stuck in this shit hole for 1 year no chance of probation no bail.

Sassygirl123: see kids there's no way around it you cheat they will find you now or later either way you're doomed so obey the rules.

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[Read]This For your Own Safety.
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