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PostSubject: [Read] Rules !   [Read] Rules ! I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 27, 2010 1:22 pm

Firstly, if you see someone breaking a rule, use the screenshot button at the top of the client to instantly save a screenshot of the current client. If you're on the webclient, use the print screen button on your keyboard, and save it with paint or word.
Once you've found them, you can upload them to the internet using a site such as photobucket, imageshack or tinypic. Then you can uploading to the report abuse section of the forums.

Report Abuse

Right.. The first set of five rules that have always been set in stone..

1. Do not attempt to abuse a glitch.
This includes the invisible glitch, safespotting and farcasting out of range. You are likely to recieve a warning for doing this, but will be punished further if found repeating the same offense.

2. Do not attempt to dupe an item.
If you are found attempting to dupe items, whether you suceed or not, it is still against the rules.

Example Of Duping.

3. Do not impersonate a staff member.
Basically, don't influence other players into thinking you are staff when you're not.

4. Do not disrespect a staff member.
Self explanatory. This includes insulting directly or just disrespecting in general.

5. Do not sell runescape accounts.
Self explanatory, again.

Now for some rules that haven't been set down.

1. Do not disrespect other players.
Basically, the same as the disrespect a staff member rule. Think before you speak.

2. Do not spam attacks, otherwise known as massing.
This includes pking and fight pits.
[Read] Rules ! Exampl10
Example Of Massing.

4. Do not spam the chat.
'Spam' = bulk messages, many quickly sent messages, etc. You do not need to be using a program to be spamming. If you're selling something, just leave it a while before each message instead of filling the chat box.

5. Do not use 3rd party programs while using Legendz-Scape.
Basically auto clickers, cheat clients, chat macros. Anything that plays the game for you, or modifies the gameplay in any way.

6. Do not attempt to scam other players.
This includes items AND accounts. Do not ask for another players password. Also, no staff should ask for your password. If it is important, then Legendz will do it himself.

7. Do not advertise other servers or websites.
Self explanatory, but heres an example anyhow.

8. Do not encourage players to break the rules.
This includes trying to gain evidence for reporting abuse.

9. Drop parties are discouraged, as they can end up including duped items without a member of staff moderating the drops. Ideally, ask a member of staff beforehand to check your items.

10. Do not share, sell or give away accounts.
This is both iScape and RuneScape. This way, we can avoid scamming, and other arguments leading from people losing accounts.

11. Do not "hit and run" during pvp.
This is mainly at mage bank. Basically, don't attack then teleport.. Or any similar methods.

12. Do not pj ("player jump", so I've been told).
Basically, stealing other players pking kills. I know there's been a lot of confusion with this lately, but at the end of the day, it's still abusing a glitch/loophole.

13. Do not make accounts with inappropriate usernames.
For example, a month or so ago there was someone called "I Rape Kids".
"Inappropriate" is to be judged by the staff online at the time, if they deem it inappropriate, then it is likely others will too.

14. Begging is also discouraged.
It'll more than likely get you off to a bad start with a lot of members if you start asking for items straight off without putting effort in. If you ask on ::yell, players will be happy to help you get started, just try not to beg.

Basically, don't be a Idiot and you'll be fine:D
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[Read] Rules !
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